Our History

 Feb. 1985 a letter from South County Senior Services was sent to Laguna Niguel Senior Residents about a planning meeting to develop priorities  for senior services and activities!  Please Note:  There was NO City of Laguna Niguel at this time.  Active local senior residents met (Laguna Niguel Advisory Council Meeting) at Crown Valley Community Park with Orange County Supervisor Tom Rileys office regarding  a steering committee.   Extensive time and effort by many many senior residents resulted in the Articles of Incorporation of The Laguna Niguel Senior Citizens Club, Inc, (Non Profit for charitable purposes) in October 1985.  In Nov. there were 192 charter members.

James Manzi and 7 others were very busy!

The following years were filled with various club activities:  publicity to encourage membership, fundraising (parking lot sales), nutritional lunch programs for seniors, action in a responsible way to help the  planning/formation of our wonderful city of Laguna Niguel.  One example was the club’s effort to register voters for the formation of the city. According to various newspaper articles, our club earned over $247,000.00  from the state by this effort.  The City was established in 1989.

Several local businesses offered “office space” for use by the  senior club and club growth required several location changes. As the Laguna Niguel Sr. Citizens Club “grew”, the members also had a dream/goal of a “building they could call home”.   With the goal of a “Senior Center Facility”, much planning and effort went into fundraising to achieve their current “home” located in Sea Country Senior and Community Center.

There are over 15 volumes of recorded Sr. Club History in the Sr. Office and they are available for your viewing.  The detailed history, photos are truly an amazing journey of this valuable organization.  The people in the Club have changed; the mission of the club is still very active!  Come join us!

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