The Board

The Laguna Niguel Sr. Citizens Club Board of Directors consists of 13 Directors at this time.

Each Director’s term is for two years.   In November Annual Elections are held; approximately 1/2 of the directors are up for election each year.    A Nominating Committee submits candidate names and a ballot is included in the October Newsletter;  it is also possible to nominate candidates “from the floor” at the 3rd Friday November luncheon.   Ballots are available in the Sr. Office as well.  Ballots are counted immediately after the 3rd Friday November luncheon.



Yvonne Davis

Yvonne Davis


Marc Winer

Marc Winer

Vice President

Willie Goodman

Willie Goodman


Muriel Calfe

Muriel Calfe


Board Members

  • Yvonne Davis – President

  • Marc Winer – Vice President (also Director of Activities)

  • Willie Goodman – Treasurer

  • Muriel Calfe – Secretary

  • Betty Pequet – Historian

  • Sandy Simonson – Public Relations/Bingo

  • Geri Grignano – Volunteer Desk Coordinator/Trainer

  • Vicki Hayes – Newsletter

  • Vickie Hsiung – Trips/Tours

  • Nancy Hull – Entertainment Committee/Bingo

  • Sandy Simonson – Entertainment